Self-healing and Energy Workers

Self-healingPractising self-healing is one of the most important parts of being a Lightworker or energy worker. Unless you are running in tip top condition you will deplete your own energies very quickly  when trying to help others.

All energy workers are more than happy to help out if they can, sending healing to others, sending love and light, spreading peace and unconditional love, but often sending those gifts to yourself is overlooked. Some simply don’t feel they have the time, others feel it will be viewed as self-indulgent or selfish, but it really is hugely beneficial to yourself and to all those around you.

For some, and at times myself included here, it can be difficult to send healing to yourself because you feel too involved in the situation and therefore seeds of doubt and negativity can creep in, seeds that are never present when you send or give healing to others. This can be very difficult to overcome, but it is the same energy you channel to send to another that you send to yourself and if you know within your heart that this energy heals others then it will heal you too.

Self-healing doesn’t need to be a full healing session, it can take just a short while, but it is so beneficial.

Practising Self-healing Regularly can:
-make you more aware of your own physical body and any issue that needs addressing.
-help you to recover from illness quicker.
-enable you to feel more energetic and light.
-help stop negative thought patterns from forming.
-help create a state of peace and well-being within you.
-strengthen your energy channels, making it easier for you to channel energy for yourself and for others.
-strengthen your connection with your higher self, your guides and with source energy.
-allow you to have some time to relax, to heal and be in tune with yourself.
-help maintain healthy chakras and aura.

So, if you’re not already doing so try and incorporate self-healing into your routine and see the difference that it makes to your energy levels, to your health and to your well-being.


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