Allow Life to Unfold

Allow Life To UnfoldSometimes it can be the most difficult thing in the world-to let go, to allow life to unfold around you and see what turns up. We may feel that if we allow life to just do its own thing we will somehow lose all control and never get back on track. Our need to have control over what happens is a survival instinct, but sometimes we are doing nothing more than getting in our own way! We can spend so much time trying to change the current situation because we feel it is not benefiting us or not what we wanted that we overlook and value that the present situation may hold.

Often, times of great hardship and pain are followed by a new beginning, a new awakening.

Sometimes during difficult times there is nothing to be done but let go, let it flow, no matter how hard that is. “This too shall pass.” We are all on a different journey, nobody will ever walk in your shoes. We will all experience twists and turns, get lost on the way, have difficult terrain to cross on our journey, but each journey is unique and how we travel it is also unique. It doesn’t matter if sometimes you want to sit and rest for a while, it doesn’t matter if everyone else seems to be going in a different direction. What matters is that we allow life to unfold, without pushing or forcing it to go the way we think it should.

When we force things, try and make things go how we perceive that they should be, we move off our own path. This detour can be a short or long period, but inevitably we find ourselves back where we left off, different people, little changes, but the same situation and we feel like we’ve been chasing our own tail.

I am fully aware that it’s not always possible to let go and allow, sometimes the urge to change things to relieve pain and suffering for ourself and others is overwhelming. We are driven by compassion and love and we simply have to do what we feel is right, but there are also times when a situation is simply not as we want, not what we think we deserve, when this happens instead of fighting it why not stand back, see what happens if you simply let it be and allow life to unfold and see where it takes you?



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