Energy Vampires

Energy VampiresEnergy vampires come in all shapes and sizes these days, but all have one thing in common…they leave you feeling exhausted and drained of all energy at every level. Energy vampires take your energy, feed off it and often don’t even realise they are doing it. I admit the term “vampire” is a little strong, since if a person doesn’t realise they are draining your life energy then it is a little unfair to call them a vampire, but the term is used frequently and in terms of the process, it is exactly what they do, consciously or otherwise!

If you have been in contact with an energy vampire you may feel overwhelmed, physically and mentally exhausted, confused, irritable or anxious, physically ill (headaches, stomach problems), etc.

Energy vampires can be friends, family members, work clients and colleagues, neighbours, people you meet at the supermarket, people at the gym, etc. If you’re still not sure if you come into contact with any here is a brief description of the type of people;

-A person who is never happy for others, who makes snide comments about other people’s good fortune
-A person who blames everything on everybody else, is always a victim and moves from one disaster to another constantly wanting sympathy
-A person who constantly needs your validation and reassurance.
-A person who always talks to you, but never listens to you when you need someone
-A person who feeds on drama, can’t wait to tell you the latest gossip
-A person who is always negative and looks on the worst side of every situation, expecting you to agree
-A person who uses guilt and shame to get their own way
-A person who is dominant and doesn’t allow you to have an opinion, assumes you agree with them.

There are many more aspects of the energy vampire that I could list, but I’m sure you get the idea. They are the type of people who cannot generate any positive energy themselves so feed off others.

So, how to cope with energy vampires, since often they are friends or family members it’s a little extreme to break off relationships! Here are some ideas to try, it can be a good idea to first keep a journal for a few weeks to identify who and where the vampires are so that you can adopt some of the following in advance.

1. Take a slow deep breath in and on the exhalation let go of any negativity that you can feel that has attached to you. Don’t allow their words or actions to occupy any more space in your mind. Let it go!
2. Don’t react to, argue with or contradict-this will only serve to make you feel even more drained and give the energy vampire more food.
3. If possible change the focus of the conversation to something neutral, not always easy if the energy vampire is determined to take your energy, but this tactic can help in the early stages to “fend” off energy vampires.
4. Visualise a white protective light or bubble all around you. This acts as an energy shield and deflects their negativity and protects your energies within the bubble/shield.
5. Ground yourself. Feel roots stretching down through the soles of your feet, anchoring you to Mother Earth and nourishing you.
6. Imagine a beautiful mirror that you can hold up to the person and reflect back to them what they are sending/giving to you. Some people find this a little cruel, especially if the energy vampire is not consciously aware of their actions, but there are energy vampires who are aware and this will work particularly well with them!

There are many systems of Reiki that will help you protect yourself from energy vampires, Energy Vampire Protection Cloak, for example. You can also send Reiki to energy vampires and freely channel some positive energy their way.

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