Etheric Cords

Etheric CordsI have for some time been interested in the concept of Etheric Cords and the effect that they can have on us. A lot of emphasis is placed on cleansing the aura and chakras, especially for energy workers who are constantly in contact with the energies of others, but I think etheric cords are often overlooked. I regularly remove etheric cords from myself as part of my cleansing routine and have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and my mindset.

Earlier this year I channelled an attunement, Etheric Cord Removal, and have since been asked a lot of questions about Etheric Cords…

So, What are Etheric Cords?
Etheric Cords are energy connections from one person’s etheric body to another. They are formed whenever we come into contact with another person. Energy passes along the cord between two people. They can be connections to people we have strong relationships with like family, lovers, friends, etc. or weaker connections to acquaintances, work colleagues, etc. You may have many cords attached to you at any time.

Some etheric cords are very weak and disappear quickly, others form strong, thick cords from us to the other person.

Some etheric cords are good, they are necessary for us to uphold relationships, to feel compassion and empathy for a loved one. These etheric cords normally link to the heart chakra.

Other etheric cords are not so good; these are formed from attachments to others that we really would be better off without. This could be to an ex-partner or spouse, a family member, friend, etc. Normally to someone who has hurt us or we have hurt in some way. These cords attach to our lower chakras and produce negative feelings or emotions. They can be very draining for both people.

Negative etheric cords can also be connections to energy vampires, people who (even if unintentionally) drain you of your energy.

These negative etheric cords are the cords that drain our energy and effect our health at every level. The main issue with these type of cords is that they can re-attach even after being removed. They can re-attach simply from you or the other person reliving the event in their thoughts, especially when strong emotions are involved.

For our health and well-being Etheric cords should regularly be cleared, just like we clean and clear our chakras. Etheric Cord Removal is essential for good spiritual, emotional and physical health.


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