Giving Reiki to Animals

Giving Reiki to AnimalsAnimals of all descriptions can benefit from Reiki. Animals, unlike humans, have no doubt or resistance and as soon as the healing starts, they just absorb the energies. Animals are very sensitive to energies so giving Reiki to animals is a wonderful way to help.

Any animal can receive Reiki, it can be given in person to pets, farm animals, shelter animals, etc. or it can be sent distantly to wild animals, homeless animals, animals in danger, etc.

Giving Reiki to animals can help with physical, emotional and psychological problems.

How to Give Reiki to an Animal
Giving Reiki to animals is very similar to giving it to humans,

First-always create sacred space and protect yourself and the animal

Next- ask permission, if you are doing it in person this can be verbal, otherwise you can connect with the higher self of the animal and ask for permission.  If you are sending distant healing to a group of animals, for example, street dogs in India, then ask that the energies be received by any dogs who are willing to accept it.

Then- set your intention for the healing session and begin. If you are sending healing to a group of animals then all you need to do is to set your intention and allowing the energies to flow.

If you are healing one to one, you may find that because animals are very sensitive to energies some may not be comfortable with your hands directly on them, if this is the case just hover your hands a few inches above the animal, or sit a little away and heal from a distance.

Animals have similar chakra systems to humans, they have 8 major chakras, 21 minor chakras and 6 bud chakras. The extra major chakra, the Brachial chakra is located between the shoulder blades. the diagram below shows the positions on a dog, the chakras are in similar positions for all animals.

Giving Reiki to AnimalsCopyright image provided courtesy of Patinkas © 2009-2012

Chakra healing is always a good starting point for giving Reiki to animals, then be guided by your intuition, notice any areas that the energies feel drawn to and allow the energies to flow.

Animals will often tell you when the session is over or you will you instinctively feel it finish, this is often the way when sending energies distantly. Finish the session by giving thanks to all those who helped you and to the animal/s involved.

Giving Reiki to animals is very rewarding and healing, whether in person or distantly. If you do send energies distantly to individual or group of animals you can use the distant symbol to do this and increase the energies, but any method of healing is beneficial.


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