Meditation Mantras

Meditation MantrasMeditation mantras are words or collection of words, which have the potential and the ability to free you from all limitations and limiting beliefs.

How can the repetition of a word or a few words have the capacity to bring about such miraculous results? It’s quite simple, based on the psychological principle, “as you think, so you become.” Mantras due to their repetition can quite quickly become deep seated beliefs.

Meditation mantras can be anything that you want, but they always have a positive meaning. They remind you that your true nature is something good, build from pure consciousness and boundless love. If you start to think about the best part of your being, you will begin to have more confidence in yourself and this will become apparent in your actions.

Meditation mantras have a unique vibration that helps to concentrate and focus your mind. Their sounds will be soothing and comforting to you and often just repeating the mantra during your day, not even in a meditative state can have a huge calming effect on you. For even better results however meditate regularly with your mantra.

It sounds easy, but the common experience of most people is that as you sit and try to think about one word or one phrase, your mind is quickly filled with many other thoughts; thoughts about work, financial problems, disputes with people and lots of other day to day things. If this happens don’t worry, gently bring your mind back to the mantra and focus on and observe your mantra for as long as you can, each time your mind wanders, gently bring it back. See your mantra in your mind, maybe it changes colour, size,etc just observe it. Let everything else drift away.

Examples of mantras are varied and it’s important to choose one that feels good to you. You can of course chose a traditional Sanskrit mantra, a quote from a religious text, you can use quotes from inspirational people or a simple personal mantra that represents what you would like in your life, for example, “I am peace”, “I live in a loving Universe” “I am unconditional love”, etc.

Mantras don’t have to be complicated, you will find that the more the words resonate with you the more powerful the mantra will be.

It can be an uplifting and freeing experience meditating with a mantra, it can help you deal with worries and stress by bringing peace and calm to your mind, helping you deal with life’s ups and downs from a perspective of clarity and ease.

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