Reiki Self-Healing Practise

Reiki Self-Healing PractiseWhen you are taught Usui Reiki Level 1 you learn about Reiki Self-Healing practise and the various hand positions to do this. This is a wonderful practise and if done on a regular basis has huge benefits for your body, mind and spirit. Reiki Self-Healing can raise your vibration, eliminate discomfort, regulate your physical body systems, bring peace and calm, strengthen your immune system and much, much more. However, there may be times when a full self-healing session is not possible, for example, you find the hand positions difficult to practise on yourself.

Recently I was feeling stressed, as a physical symptom of this my shoulders and neck ached. I tried to practise Reiki Self-healing but it was just too uncomfortable for me to hold my hands in the required positions, especially around my head area. So I asked for help, guidance from my higher self as to how to proceed and received the following message…

Reiki is an intelligent energy; it will go where it is needed in the body.

Following is a Reiki self-healing practise I have developed, it is more intuitive and visual that other methods, but I have found it to be very effective.

-first, create sacred space, cleanse the area, light candles, incense, play music, etc.

-make sure you won’t be disturbed

-get comfortable, this can be laying down or sitting.

-ask your guides, higher self to help you and protect you


-activate Reiki energies (as you would for traditional self-healing) and state your intention for self-healing to begin

-when you feel the energies begin to flow, place your palms over your abdomen and visualise the energies coming in through your crown chakra, down your arms and out of your palms into your body

-be aware of the energy flowing, you may feel blocks or sense areas where the energy feels most concentrated in

-if you want the energies to work in a particular area, set your intention for them to move to that area and feel the shift or simply observe the energies flowing through you and noting where they go

-stay in this healing state for as long as you wish, observing and visualising the energies flowing to you and through you

-any negative energies encountered can be sent out through the soles of the feet, down into the earth for Mother Earth to transmute to light

-allow the session to flow, you may feel your energies increase, feel deeply relaxed, notice discomfort disappear, see colours or swirls of light, it varies from person to person

-when you are ready to finish, slowly raise your hands to Gassho position (prayer position on your heart centre) and give thanks for the healing and help you have received

-gently begin moving about and have a glass of water

-make sure you are grounded before you continue with your day

The above practise is by no means meant to replace the traditional Usui Reiki Self-healing practise, it is offered as a different means for you to try.

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