Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is by far one of my favourite crystals to work with, look at and hold. The energies of rose quartz for me are amazing, bringing comfort, compassion, peace, love and healing.

Rose Quartz is often referred to as the stone of the heart and associated with the heart chakra. It can be used during meditation and chakra balancing sessions to call in divine loving energies to heal the aura and help break down emotional wounds or any destructive feelings and resentments in your heart, bringing you back to a state of balance and harmony.

Rose Quartz symbolises unconditional love and is endowed with gentle, feminine energies. It enables us to to truly love ourselves and others and also accept love from others. It can be used to strengthen existing connections and give courage and faith to make new ones.

Rose Quartz Uses

Due to the wonderful feminine, maternal energies rose quartz holds it is an excellent stone for pregnant women to carry with them helping establish a strong and loving bond with their child.

It also helps in times of upheaval and change, bringing peace and calm to any situation. It has been noted to be of particular help in times of grief. The gentle, loving energies can support and comfort people through many life changing situations.

Rose quartz helps people overcome sleep disorders, a piece placed near the bed has been found to help people with insomnia and to regulate sleep patterns. It can also help children who suffer from nightmares.

It stimulates the creative side of the brain and many artists, writers and musicians like to have it with them when they create.

It is also the stone of love and many use it to attract new people to them and strengthen existing relationships as well as healing the heart and clearing old hurts. Many emotional trauma are stored at the heart centre (chakra), it can help to release these allowing the flow of unconditional love to move effortlessly through you.

On a more physical note Rose Quartz can also:

Help to release toxins from the body, assisting in kidney function.

Because of it’s calming properties it is good for releasing tension and works well with people who have high blood pressure.

It is said that the Egyptians used Rose Quartz by directly rubbing it against the skin to rid them of wrinkles!           (I’m working on that…watch this space!)

How to Use Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is such a versatile crystal to use, there are so many beautiful pieces of jewellery made from it and an abundance of stones in all shapes and sizes, polished and unpolished that you can choose from.

As with all crystals take a look at the piece and see how it resonates with you, hold it if possible and feel the energies, (though sometimes this is not possible and you can get a feeling for a piece from a picture/photo)

In Chakra work the stone can be placed on the heart centre, or at the side of the person in line with the heart if preferred.

In meditation rose quartz will help you reach a deep meditative state quickly and easily. It can be held whilst meditating or simply placed nearby. I have a large piece of rose quartz that I use for meditating and sending healing and it really does make a huge difference to the vibrational level that I can attain.

A small stone on your office desk/workplace can help alleviate stress and tension.

Rose Quartz pieces can be pretty and decorative as well as incredibly useful stones to have in any room of the house. If you ever start to feel stressed, just pick up a piece and let the loving energies flow into you!

If you work with others and encounter a lot of different energies from them during your day rose quartz is ideal to help bring calm and peace to each situation, just wearing a stone around your neck can really make a difference to you and how others act towards you.

As with all crystals, don’t forget to keep your stones clean to continue to get maximum benefit from them. Ideas for cleaning stones is looked at in my crystal healing article.

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