10 Ways to Incorporate Reiki In Your Daily Life

incorporate Reiki in your daily lifeWorking with Reiki for healing and spiritual development is an amazing experience, but Reiki doesn’t have to be something that you tap into only when you are feeling unwell or needing a boost, you can incorporate Reiki in your daily life easily and comfortably. The benefits are incredible.

Here are 10 ways to incorporate Reiki in your daily life;

  1. Reiki your day-First thing in the morning, before getting out of bed, place 1 hand on your heart centre and one hand on your solar plexus and give yourself a short reiki boost to start the day. This only needs to take a few minutes but you will feel energised and ready to start the day. This practise can also help boost your personal power and the flow of unconditional love. The perfect way to start the day!
  2. Reiki your food and drink– place your hands around/over your food or drink and charge it with Reiki energy. It will taste better and be better for you.
  3. Send Reiki boosts to others- whenever the opportunity arises, maybe someone you see in the supermarket, at work, queuing for the train, etc. It is always possible to see someone who needs a pick up. And remember, every random act of kindness comes back to you.
  4. Reiki Animals, plants, etc, all living things benefit from Reiki.
  5. Send it in advance- to your work environment to ensure that you have a good day, or to your home if you are having family difficulties. Reiki can be sent distantly through space and time and so it is perfect to help bring positive energies to situations and environments without you physically being there.
  6. Travelling-whatever mode of transport you use, send Reiki to help you stay safe and protected on your journey.
  7. Reiki Bubble-Protect yourself through the day with a Reiki energy bubble. If you place the bubble around yourself as soon as you can in the morning, you can surround yourself in healing, protective energies throughout the day that can help you keep your own energy levels up.
  8. At night -to sleep well and heal as you rest. This need not take long, just call in Reiki energies and surround yourself in Reiki light to ensure a good night’s sleep and enable self-healing to activate as you rest.
  9. Infuse crystals/stones with healing/protective energies. I am always picking up stones and charging them with Reiki. You can carry them with you, place them in your room, car, workplace, etc. The stone/crystal will continue to resonate the Reiki energies for quite a while after being charged.
  10. Reiki your projects-If you have a project, assignment, letters, or anything that you feel would benefit from positive, healing energies, simply send Reiki to it and watch it flourish and grow!


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