Connect to the Earth

Connect to the EarthWe are all aware of the importance of grounding, whether you are practising energy work or receiving it. It can be easy to be spiritually adrift and not have your roots digging down into the earth. It is essential for our well-being that we connect to the earth.

I have always enjoyed chakra work and meditations to ground me, but more recently I went back to basics and started to physically connect with the earth. I love walking on earth and feeling each step as it is firmly planted on the ground, the feel of Mother Earth beneath my feet stabilising and nourishing me. With Spring in the air this has become an even more enjoyable practise and the energy I receive from around me, just being outside with nature, is so clean and refreshing.

There are many ways to connect with the earth;
-You can walk barefoot on earth, grass, sand, etc.
-You can connect with your hands too, gardening is a very good grounding activity.
-You can stand on earth and feel your roots pushing down into Mother Earth, anchoring and nourishing you.
-The sense of touch is very powerful, anything that relies on the earth to survive is connected to it, so touch plants, trees, etc.
-You can dance outside to, this is both deeply grounding and energising
-If you can’t directly touch earth then touch concrete, the earth is still under there.

When you are grounded, connected to the earth, you feel present. It is much easier to bring your thoughts into order and focus, they are not dancing about. You feel more stable, more secure, more rooted!

For energy workers being grounded is important in order to “tether” your energies, if you are always floating off with your energies it can be difficult to come back down to earth, leaving you feeling light headed and adrift. Grounding serves as a way to always be connected to the earth and you will feel far more energetically balanced, your mind, body and spirit feeling in perfect harmony.

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