Hearing Your True Voice

hearing your true voiceSometimes it really does feel like we have a little cartoon devil on one shoulder and angel on the other, whispering into our ears, but who do we listen to? Who shouts the loudest and effects our emotions, mood and thought forms? Usually it’s the little devil, the critic, the voice that tells you you aren’t good enough, clever enough, thin enough, etc. Over time we start to believe the voice and not question it, it just rattles on in the background like a computer programme left running. Left running and destroying self-confidence, self-esteem and good feelings that we should have and would have if we only listened more to the OTHER voice.

So who are the voices? The inner voice that is negative and destructive, always wanting things to stay the same, making you worry and not take risks, that’s your ego. Sometimes the ego is trying to help, trying to keep you safe, but it can sound like an over protective parent. The other inner voice is your true self, your true voice, the voice that wants you to be everything that you can be, this voice is always positive and kind, it is forgiving and non-judgmental, it praises you and nurtures you, it supports and comforts you.

The two inner voices are very different. The ego tries to control you, your true voice wants you to open your wings and fly.

It can be difficult to listen or even hear your true voice, sometimes it has become a whisper, never to be heard over the booming ego voice, so try this little experiment…

-At the end of the day think back over your thoughts, be very aware of the words you remember, any thoughts that started with words like “I can’t…” or “What if it doesn’t work…” or “I’m not good enough, clever enough, etc…” these are your ego controlling what you do. As you think about the thoughts you had during the day maybe there was a whisper that said, “you can…” or “don’t worry…” or “you are enough..”

-The next morning stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself, “Today I am going to listen and hear my true voice speak to me.” Say this several times with intention and commitment, whilst looking at yourself in the mirror.

-The following night think back over your thoughts again, have they changed? Did you notice any difference?

-Repeat this simple exercise for a few days to see what happens….you might be amazed!

Your true voice wants to help you, it will support and guide you, it will be there for you no matter what, if you just hear it and listen to it…

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