I am I Meditation

I am I MeditationThis meditation is a form of mantra and positive thinking that can help boost self-esteem, promote personal power and self-love. “I am I” meditation is simple meditation technique that can be practised by anyone and gives empowering, positive results instantly.

I am I Meditation

-Prepare for the meditation- You can burn incense, play music, anything that you find helps you. Make sure you will not be disturbed for a short while.

-Make sure you are warm and in a comfortable position, this can be sitting or laying down.

-When you are ready focus on your breathing and begin to breathe slowly and easily, feeling any cares or worries draining away with each outward breath.

-Allow yourself to be in this pleasant state for a little while, just focusing on the breath, relaxing and letting go. There is no rush.

-Now begin to repeat to yourself the mantra “I AM I”, slowly and deliberately.

-After several repetitions begin to change the mantra ending with any positive word or phrase that comes into your mind, for example,
“I am love”
“I am strength”
“I am kind”
“I am happy”
“I am patient”
“I am joy”
“I am divine energy”
“I am peace”

-You can use the “I am I” mantra as often as you wish in between each statement. Alternating between positive statements and the I am I mantra. You can also repeat the same positive statement as many times as you wish during the meditation.

-Continue repeating your mantras slowly and deliberately for as long as you feel comfortable.

-When you are ready to return, allow your words to fade, bring your attention back to your breathing, breathing slowly and easily.

-Gently move your hands, feet and body, take your time and have a drink of water.

This meditation is simple but powerful, the repetition of the mantras in a relaxed state of mind has a profound effect on your mind. It can help bring about calm, confidence, empowering feelings that lift your vibration and enable you to connect with your true self.

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