Category: Self-Development

Success Flow Reiki

Success Flow Reiki

Manifest your dreams, align with energies of success. Success Flow is part ... Read More
Eye of the Storm Reiki

Eye of the Storm Reiki

This is a beautiful attunement that will help you to find calm, ... Read More
Negative Patterns Blasting

Negative Patterns Blasting Attunement

Energies to help remove negative beliefs, thoughts, memories, etc. Negative Patterns Blasting ... Read More
White Light Self-Empowerments

WhiteLight Self-Empowerment 1-4

Energies to raise your vibration, connection to Source energy, promote self-mastery and ... Read More
Fire of the Phoenix

Fire of the Phoenix Reiki

This is a wonderful attunement to help remove obstacles in your path ... Read More
Flight of the Phoenix

Flight of the Phoenix Reiki

This is a very uplifting and empowering attunement that can help you ... Read More
Shadow Self Empowerment

Shadow Self Empowerment

Energies to acknowledge and accept your shadow self as a unique part ... Read More
Light of Transition Empowerment

Light of Transition Empowerment

Gentle, supportive, guiding energies to help through transitions in your life. Light ... Read More
Akal Empowerment

Akal Empowerment

Akal Empowerment uses a mantra to release fear and anxiety. Akal Empowerment ... Read More
Remembering My Divine Self

Remembering My Divine Self Reiki

Release non-serving beliefs and embrace your divine self. Remembering My Divine Self ... Read More
Journey to the Divine Self

Journey to The Divine Self

The Journey to the Divine Self Activations and Clearings Program includes ten ... Read More
Dancing Flames Reiki

Dancing Flames Reiki

Re-kindle and awaken your inner fire and passion.  Dancing Flames Reiki  was ... Read More
Attachment Release Reiki

Attachment Release Reiki Attunement

Release all attachments that are holding you back. Attachment Release Reiki is ... Read More
New Reiki Psychic Attunement

New Reiki Psychic Empowerment

The New Reiki Psychic Empowerment has been re-channeled by Reiki Master Jay ... Read More
Love and Friendship Manifestation

Love and Friendship Manifestation Attunement

Love and Friendship Manifestation Attunement is part 3 of the Manifestation Guidance Program ... Read More
Self-love and Respect Manifestation

Self-love and Respect Manifestation Attunement

Manifest self-love and self respect in your life. Self-love and Respect Manifestation ... Read More
Enhancing your Intuition and Psychic Abilities

Enhancing Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities Manifestation

Trust intuition and understand messages coming to you. Enhancing  Intuition and Psychic ... Read More
Healing Happiness Manifestation

Healing Happiness Manifestation Attunement

Energies to help achieve happiness, love and light.Healing Happiness Manifestation Attunement is ... Read More
Rising to the Challenge Manifestation

Rising to the Challenge Manifestation Attunement

Empowering energies to face and rise above challenge. Rising to the Challenge ... Read More
Courage and Strength Manifestation

Courage and Strength Manifestation Attunement

Extra  positive energy to help face any situation. Courage and Strength Manifestation ... Read More
Personal Power Manifestation

Personal Power Manifestation Attunement

Energies to restore and reclaim your personal power. Personal Power Manifestation Attunement ... Read More
Healing Flushes

Healing Flushes Empowerments 1-6

The purpose of these flushes is to bring harmony to every level ... Read More
Follow Your Heart Reiki

Follow Your Heart Reiki Empowerment

Empowering energies to identify and follow your desires. Follow Your Heart Reiki ... Read More
Clearing Shadow Paths Empowerment

Clearing Shadow Paths Empowerment

Remove dead end paths, follow your true path. Clearing Shadow Paths Empowerment ... Read More
Cutting the Cords of Attachment

Cutting the Cords of Attachment Reiki

Free yourself of cords that no longer serve you and move forward ... Read More
Inner Strength Reiki

Inner Strength Reiki Attunement

Energies to re-connect with your own inner strength. Inner Strength Reiki is ... Read More
Greatness Empowerment

Greatness Empowerment

The Greatness Empowerment enables you to expand into your true self and ... Read More
Courage and Strength Reiki Empowerment

Courage and Strength Reiki Empowerment

Face your fears and reclaim your personal power.  Courage and Strength Reiki ... Read More
Responsibility Reiki

Responsibility Reiki Attunement

Energies of balance and awareness for personal power. Responsibility is a difficult ... Read More
Rose Quartz Self-love Flush

Rose Quartz Self-Love Flush

Beautiful energies to bring self-love, appreciation and acceptance. The Rose Quartz Self-love ... Read More
Lava Stone Anti-Anxiety Empowerment

Lava Stone Anti-Anxiety Empowerment

Help relieve and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and feel much more ... Read More
Path of Power Reiki

Path of Power Reiki Empowerment

Path of Power Reiki is a wonderful energy that helps you find ... Read More
Worthiness Reiki

Worthiness Reiki Attunement

Release and clear negative energies effecting self worth. It can be used ... Read More
True Voice Reiki

True Voice Reiki Attunement

Embrace your true, authentic self and communicate freely with your true voice ... Read More
Deprogram Self-Punishment Empowerment

Deprogram Self-Punishment Empowerment

Clear self-sabotage and self-punishment programs. Deprogram Self- Punishment Empowerment  it is a ... Read More
Anger Release Reiki

Anger Release Reiki Attunement

Energies to help others release pent up anger that may be causing ... Read More
Well-Being Reiki Package

Well-Being Reiki Package

The following Well-Being Reiki Package of Reiki Attunements will help you on ... Read More
Negative Thoughts Flush

Negative Thoughts Flush

Identify, release negative thoughts before they become patterns. Negative Thoughts Flush one ... Read More
Happy Reiki

Happy Reiki Attunement

Lift your spirits and develop happiness from within.  It reminds us how ... Read More
Self Love Reiki

Self Love Reiki Attunement

Gentle energies to nurture self-love and self-esteem. It can be used for ... Read More
Rising Vibrations Reiki

Rising Vibrations Reiki

Raise your vibration and enhance abilities to manifest your desires in your ... Read More
new life reiki

New Life Reiki

Shift your energy, find practical solutions, let go of all that no ... Read More
Anti Stress Empowerment

Anti Stress Empowerment

Energies of Gaia, Archangel Michael and earth Fae to help you and ... Read More
Self Care Reiki

Self Care Reiki

Self Care Reiki - a gentle and loving energy, perfect for self ... Read More
Happiness Flush Empowerment

Happiness Flush Empowerment

Happiness Flush Empowerment is a great empowerment that will help to release ... Read More
Abandonment Reiki

Abandonment Reiki

Abandonment Reiki helps you deal with and overcome the feelings associated with ... Read More
Social Anxiety Disorder Flush

Social Anxiety Disorder Flush

Social Anxiety Disorder Flush is a powerful energy system that can be used ... Read More
Personal Power Healer Balancer Empowerment

Personal Power Healer Balancer Empowerment

Personal Power Healer Balancer Empowerment is a dual energy form that works on ... Read More
Life Path Empowerment

Life Path Empowerment

Discover and strengthen connection to your personal guides. It will help you ... Read More
antidepression reiki

Antidepression Reiki

Antidepression Reiki is an empowering energy that can help relieve depression. It ... Read More
Fearless Reiki

Fearless Reiki

Healing, letting go of negatives fears and worries. Fearless Reiki is a ... Read More
Phoenix Rising Reiki

Phoenix Rising Reiki Attunement

Clear negative energy patterns and promote positive change. Phoenix Rising Reiki is ... Read More
Golden Ray Reiki

Golden Ray Reiki Empowerment

This is a gentle, beautiful Empowerment from Ole Gabrielsen the founder of ... Read More
Empowerment Reiki

Empowerment Reiki Attunement

Empowerment Reiki is a special Reiki system designed to help Reiki Practitioners ... Read More
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